Silicon Valley, California

Contact: Akkana Peck

Homepage: The anti-chapter has an anti-website.

Mailing List: Anti-chapter

The Silicon Valley LinuxChix Anti-Chapter meets when it feels like it, although we always post an announcement a week or so ahead of time on the Anti-chapter mailing list, and sometimes also to the LinuxChix announce list.

We're the anti-chapter because none of our members will admit to having the time to be a chapter head, or to organize monthly meetings.

Past meetings have been parties at members' houses, or dinner all together at a restaurant (usually vegetarian). Someday we'd like to go visit museums together or play the TCP/IP Drinking Game at a bar.

If you're a LinuxChick visiting the area, we usually have a party or go out to dinner so we can all meet you and say hi. Email one of the anti-chapter's contacts, or the anti-chapter mailing list, and we'll arrange it for you.