Duties of the Tres Chix

The duties of the LinuxChix Coordinators, known as the Tres Chix, are to encourage participation in LinuxChix and ensure that it remains a safe and welcoming community for women in Linux.

Specific duties include:

  • Keep LinuxChix on track and ensure that it remains true to its vision.
  • Approve new projects under the LinuxChix banner
  • Encourage volunteers, manage communication, direct traffic. Prevent anyone from becoming a gatekeeper.
  • Keep track of who's supposed to be doing what, and if someone vanishes, organise a replacement.
  • Delegate: make sure there are enough volunteers to take care of the organization.
  • Lay down the law if contentious issues come up: ultimately the coordinators are the last stop in any dispute resolution chain, the ones responsible for fixing problems.
  • Be the public face of Linuxchix.

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